The Electronic Cigarette

Just smoking my e cig, bought it from Electronic Cigarette Review you should go check it out. real cool.

Just got Blackberry Porsche Design

Just bought my blackberry porsche design from harrods, it looks amazingggggggg! paid £1275 but worth every penny.

Joe Hart

One of the best keepers in the world I believe. Saves Man City on numerous occasions.


right, im going to bed. be up in 8 hours for more hard work


The NY Times blog summarizes the doubts of several Iran watchers, including me.

RockMelt for iPhone Updated: Now with Awesomer Twitter


Twitter fans, this update’s for you. We’ve made a bunch of improvements to make the Twitter experience even more awesome. You can now see conversations with friends, view pics in full screen, reply to DMs, and share photos. Happy tweeting!

What’s New in v0.14.0

  • Awesomer Twitter
    • Conversation views
    • Photo sharing
    • Full-screen pics
    • Direct Messages
  • Automatic saving of photos when sharing pics

To install the latest RockMelt for iPhone, click here or click the button below:

Cant Sleep

dont no why but i cant sleep recently at night! i sleep at 7am n wake up 6pm

De Jong Goal Making it 1-0 2nd leg

De Jong Goal Making it 1-0 2nd leg

HALF-TIME Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City (Liverpool lead 2-1 on aggregate)

COME ON YOU REDS!! Lets have it!!

*waits for second half*